What is Filk?
Filk is a subgenre of folk music
        and therefore it is as difficult to define
              as trying to nail down water....
...so these are my observations about filk
         to aide those in search of a primer.
Filk is the music of the sci-fi and fantasy fan community.
Filk tradition is to write new words to songs, sometimes in a medley. Filk is also song-writing about the sci-fi and community. For a filk song-writer it is a great honor to have your song filked.
Filk for the most part is performed at science fiction conventions (Cons).  The name filk came from a typo in con program.  It stuck.
Peggy's Filk Bio
Filk is inclusive in nature.  New artists are generally encouraged to join and improve.
Filk is the art of conversation in music form. Topics often include science, science fiction, fantasy, chocolate, single and double entendes and anything strange, witty, silly or funny that can fit into a song.
Advice for newbies is to:
have a guitar or other accompanying instrument on your lap to get noticed.
    - keep your initial songs short and humorous.
      - If you play an instrument, tune it!
Where can filk be found 
   - One can find a Con or three on any weekend of the year.
        Not all Cons have filk, however there are eight  Cons just for filk.
       The largest two that I'm aware of are OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Festival)
       and Filk Ontario.